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Our goal is to always be in step with the newest museum trends. We complement our permanent and occasional with various events, lectures and workshops.

THE SECRET OF THE LODGE. Freemasonry in Slovenia

Temporary exhibition
Open from 28 February to 14 May 2017 at the National Museum of Slovenia – Prešernova
This exhibition displays the material and spiritual heritage of the Freemasonry on the 300th anniversary of the foundation of the Grand Lodge of England. Through tolerance and the promotion of other principal values, guided by the universal ethics of human equality, the fraternity fostered dialogue between different worldviews, thereby bridging social, national, ideological, and other conflicts. Nonetheless, its activity upset various religious and secular circles and, in particular, monopolistic ideologies.


Temporary exhibition
Open from 9 March to 1 October 2017 at the National Museum of Slovenia – Metelkova

Slovenian modernist glass is characterized by harmony between its practicability and its esthetic appearance, reflected in simple geometric and clean lines as well as in absence of decor.

Glass design of the 1950s and 1960s followed the modernist paradigm, which in Slovenia meant mostly the establishment of standards for quality living environment, functional and economical household furnishings and usable objects. Designers worked towards designing more beautiful and more functional objects intended for everyday use, among them also household and mass-made glass objects.


Filatelistična razstava o prostozidarstvu

There are no translations available.

Občasna razstava
Na ogled 
od 14. aprila do 14. maja 2017 v Narodnem muzeju Slovenije – Prešernova

V preddverju Narodnega muzeja Slovenije – Prešernova je na ogled filatelistična razstava o prostozidarstvu, spremljevalna razstava ob razstavi Skrivnost lože. Na ogled je filatelistično gradivo o prostozidarstvu na območju Srbije (1941) in Avstrije (2006) ter obsežna filatelistična zbirka g. Giorgia Contija iz Firenc (Italija) o prostozidarstvu v Italiji. 


PIANINO Bojana Adamiča

There are no translations available.

Na ogled do 31. maja 2017 v Narodnem muzeju Slovenije – Metelkova

Slovenski skladatelj, dirigent in aranžer Bojan Adamič je bil tudi izvrsten pianist.
Pianino je Narodnemu muzeju Slovenije podarila njegova družina.
Razstava je na ogled brezplačno v preddverju muzeja.

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